Samoyed Rescue Parade


Welcome, participants to the 2018 Rescue Parade extravaganza! Each year at the National Specialty, the Samoyed community holds this parade to honor these beautiful Samoyeds and their families that gave them a second chance at a happy and loving life.

We’ll be featuring beautiful, custom-designed, hand-crafted rosettes with your dog’s name imprinted, great goodie bags for each entry, and lots of fun for all! In addition, a professional photographer will take a picture of you and your dog, for a memory keepsake of this special event.

In 150 words or less, please write a biography of your dog including their name, when you adopted your dog, what activities you enjoy with your dog and how much s/he means to your family to be read at his/her moment in the ring. Please, NO sad stories, etc., this is a party and a celebration of our dogs and how much they enrich our lives. These rescue stories are to besubmitted on the online reservation form will be compiled into a program booklet for you to keep as well! We also ask that you email us a happy picture of your dog!

For the parade, you will enter the ring with your dog and be handed your dog’s special rosette, and we will read your dog’s biography to the audience, while you and your dog shine in the spotlight! We are not going to ask you to run around the ring We want this to be a comfortable, low-stress and memorable experience for you and your dog.

All rescue families are encouraged to enter and showcase our beautiful breed in all its glory. Come celebrate with us!

PARADE DATE: Thursday, September 27, 2018, following the Pee Wee Class (We will email you about two weeks before the parade to give you a better idea of time).

PARADE FORM – DEADLINE DATE: Monday, August 6th, 2018 after which NO entries can be accepted or changed. Each rosette is custom-made so we need sufficient turn-around time to have them made.

PARADE COST: $15.00.

We look forward to seeing you and your special dog at the Purina Farms Event Center in Gray Summit, Missouri!

Please email Thalia at if you have any questions about this event!

Your reservation Entry will not be valid until payment via PayPal is confirmed by the committee chair and the treasurer.


Electronic Form

How to make your online reservation.


  1. The Electronic Form Button above will open the online registration Form.
  2. Fill out the form and click the Register button when finished.  Your reservation information will be electronically sent by E-Mail to the appropriate committee chairperson along with a copy of the reservation information e-Mailed to the e-mail address entered in the form.
  3. After pressing the Register button a confirmation page will appear, on that page click the Add to Cart button. You will get a message which says “Rescue Parade has been added to your cart” at the top of the page, click the View Cart button to see your cart, click Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions to make the payment. Your entry will not be valid without payment.
  4. Submit a photo of your rescue to Thalia at