The Parade of Titleholders is a wonderful way for owners to showcase and celebrate their dog’s achievements and triumphs. Each participant will receive a beautiful, custom-made rosette personalized with their dog’s name and titles. Dogs with ANY title are welcome to participate.

As part of the entry process, please write a brief biography (150 words or less) about your dog summarizing their accomplishments that will be read while you and your dog enjoy the spotlight.

After entering the ring, you will be handed your dog’s special rosette then it’s time for your dog to shine in the ring while their story is shared with the audience. During your time in the ring, your dog is welcome to walk, trot, hop, skip and jump around the ring. Does your dog sing? Dance? Perform tricks? This is their time to show off!

All of the biographies will be included in a program for each entrant. If you’d like to have a photo of your dog in the program, please email it to me in jpeg format. Informal, candid photos are welcome – pick out one of your favorites. Show photos are also welcome but will be cropped to showcase your dog. 

Entry Fee:  $20.00 per entry

Closing date: August 6, 2018 after which NO entries can be accepted or changed to allow sufficient time for the custom-made rosettes to be crafted.

Electronic Entry Form

Please note: Your entry will not be valid until payment has been received via PayPal. An email will be sent to confirm receipt of your entry by the committee chair once your payment has been confirmed by the Treasurer.

 We look forward to seeing you and your special dog at Purina Farms!

 Please contact Anne Kikukawa at with any questions or photos.