Dr. Battaglia judging Intersex

Carmen Battaglia Dr. Battaglia who holds the Ph.D. and Master’s degree from Florida State University. He is a breeder, author, researcher and lecturer and has worked at Emory University, Florida State University, DeKalb College and the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

He is a well-known and respected AKC judge having judged the World Show and many important shows in the United States. He is approved to judge the Herding and Working groups, several Sporting breeds and the Chinese Shar Pei. His research about puppies, the Effects Early Neurological Stimulation and the risks of bloat have been published in professional Veterinary Journals.

Dr Battaglia has authored many books and more than 60 articles which have appeared in the AKC Gazette, Dog World, Canine Chronicle, and Dog News and in publications throughout: Canada, Hungary, South Africa, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and Ireland. He is a well-known breeder of German Shepherd Dogs and has owned Pembroke Corgi’s, Longhaired Dachshunds, English Springer’s and Portuguese Water dogs. He is a popular TV and radio guest and has appeared on Animal Planet several times. He served as chair for the study group on vicious dog legislation in Georgia and their recommendations have been used as model legislation in several states. Dr. Battaglia is currently a director of the American Kennel Club and the past president of AKC’s Companion Animal Recovery program now called AKC Reunite, (microchips).

He has served on several important committees including the: The National Genetics Committee, The Canine Health and Education Committee and AKC’s Committee for the Future. His website is well known and has a following of more than 13,000 breeders from 10 countries. For more information go to www.breedingbetterdogs.com


Dr. Eric Liebes judging Bitches

Eric Liebes Eric’s first two dogs were a Komondor and an Ibizan Hound. The Komondor still holds the breed’s AKC All-Breed Best In Show record. The Ibizan Hound finished his championship and was one of the first CDX titled Ibizans.
In the ‘80’s Eric branched out to many Sighthound breeds and also tried his hand at obedience and performance competition. During the 1980’s, based out of Denver, he finished championships on dogs of numerous breeds in the family
and for others, and placed regularly in the Hound, Working and Herding groups throughout the Midwest. He also achieved 7 Komondor National Specialty wins, 10 all-breed Bests-In- Show and finished CD’s on five Komondors, two Ibizan
Hounds and a Tibetan Terrier. Eric’s first Ibizan Hound was acquired in 1981. By 1994 he had bred a Dual Champion, multiple Best-in- Field, Pedigree Award, and National Specialty
winning dog and several other Dual Champions.

Eric is still active as an exhibitor and breeder. He has a 5 year old Ibizan Hound, a promising Komondor youngster, and with Joan has shown and bred Samoyeds, including 2 with
specialty wins and 3 group placers.

Eric was first approved to judge in 1992. His first breeds were Ibizans, Greyhounds, and Komondors. He is approved to judge all Sporting, Hound, Working and Herding breeds, Misc., Junior Showmanship, and BIS. Eric has been approved to judge Samoyeds since 2004. He has judged in Canada, China, Sweden, Ireland, and Mexico as well as for AKC. He continues to study and learn more about all of the breeds. Eric’s goal is to bring a breeder’s eye to his judging every time. He is a breed mentor in Komondors, Samoyeds, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds and Pulis. He is currently the Judge’s Education Coordinator for the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States.

Eric lives outside of Colorado Springs with his wife Joan, 6 dogs, and 2 horses. Eric is a retired Research Geophysicist for Chevron.

Kathy Bube judging Dogs

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the club members for the honor to be one of the selected judges for the 2018 National. I have owned, bred, and shown Samoyeds for most of my life under the Rexann prefix. I started judging in 2006. I was selected as one of the judges for the Samoyed National in 2008. My dogs have won top honors at several specialties and all-breed shows. Rexann sires are behind many top winning and top producing Samoyeds. Ch. Rexann’s Ringmaster (deceased at age 15) is still holding the #3 all-time top producing Samoyed Stud dog, by virtue of AKC champions produced. We miss him terribly.

I started off LEARNing to walk holding onto a Samoyed when I was just toddler. My early LEARNing came from my mother/mentor, Jo Ann Stage, regarding care, grooming, and even some unintended knowledge about breeding. I LEARNed about handling from some of the best handlers in the south. I also LEARNed the importance of good sportsmanship along the way.  I’ve LEARNed about the breed from the standard and frequent discussions with other breeders. It is a great joy to help others LEARN about this fabulous breed as well. I’m a firm believer that we should never stop LEARNing! We have a huge wealth of breeders in Samoyeds and most are willing to help others LEARN. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the breed for 40+ years or just starting out with your first dog. Start LEARNing and never stop.

Have fun at this National. Remember to be courteous, kind, and set a good example. This is a “sport” and great Sportsmanship means everything. Most importantly, Always LOVE your dogs!

Good luck to all the exhibitors. Show, LEARN, and have Fun!

Laura A. English judging Agility

Laura EnglishLaura lives in Evansville, Indiana with her 5 dogs. The only thing she enjoys more than judging is showing her own dogs. Laura started working with dogs at the age of six when her mother took in the over-flow from the local humane society. This turned into a kennel with 7 different breeds.

She got her start in obedience and conformation showing in 4-H. Laura’s first Cocker Spaniel, Sarah, turned out to be extremely fearful in certain situations even though she was well trained. When Laura was invited to attend an outing with the police dog team, she jumped at the chance since this was one such situation that Sarah might be fearful of. The police were working their dogs on agility-like equipment.  Sarah became so excited that she pulled away from Laura and ran to the top of the Aframe-like wall, standing there with her eyes just twinkling.  Laura and Sarah left there that day with a newfound joy.

Agility became a wonderful addiction for them both when AKC introduced their program.  Laura has shown Cockers, Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers, Collies, a Lab and a Cavalier in agility and is enjoying training her first Sheltie and 2 Beagles.  She and her dogs have earned over 300 titles in various dog sports and venues.


Shirley Spall judging Rally/Obedience

When we first were married and decided to add a dog to our family my husband insisted on getting a Great Dane. Up to that point I was not really a dog person. I was amazed at the sheer size of Bogart’s sire and dam! So it was off to obedience school for us! After about 4 months of training our instructor and AKC judge Max McCammon went through our class and announced who was exhibiting at our local show. As they say the rest is history! Ebony’s Little Bogart UD went onto being the #1 Utility Great Dane in 1982. At that point we had achieved all the performance titles available to us!

Over the years I have exhibited & trained 20+ Great Danes in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Agility and Free Style. When my son became involved with the local 4-H Dog Training Project I was quickly signed up as instructor for the group. I’ve served as the county department chairman for close to 20 years now with the 4-H youth group. The 4-H program led our family to working with Leader Dog’s for the Blind out of Rochester Michigan. We have raised 20+ dogs for their program with about 70% of them being graduates!

Rally obedience led me to my judges license and I started when the sport was in it’s infancy. I soon discovered that I needed full licensing for obedience to be more available for all breed clubs. For the past few years I have been working to achieve that goal! I wish everyone the best of luck this weekend! We have some great changes coming to our sport of Rally! It’s an exciting time to be involved with our dogs! Thanks so much for the invitation to judge your show! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time sharing the weekend with your club members and their dogs!

 Anita O’Berg judging Sweepstakes

Thank you to the 2018 Samoyed Club of America’s National Special Committee for inviting me to judge their Sweepstakes. I received my first Samoyed 20 years ago from Kay Hallberg of Wolf River and have been enjoying the world of pure bred dogs ever since. I am actively involved with the breeding and handling of our Courage Run Samoyeds. My kennel club memberships include Morris & Essex of New Jersey, the Santa Barbara Kennel Club and the Samoyed Club of America. I have been the Show Chair of the Santa Barbara Kennel Club for the past 5 years and we have been nominated for Dog Show of the Year two of those years. I currently am the Treasurer and Board Member for the Samoyed Club of America. I have judged Sweepstakes and Matches, including Best In Match earlier this year for the Channel City Kennel Club. In my professional life I am a Corporate Controller for a dental equipment manufacturing company. I simply love the sport of dogs with all of my heart and am honored to judge at Purina Farms in 2018.

Connie Rudd Judging Futurity

Connie Rudd has been active in conformation, working venues, breeding, as well as two Samoyed organizations – The Organization for the Working Samoyed and most recently on the Board of Governors for the Samoyed Club of America. She currently serves as President of The Rex of Whiteway Library, an organization that holds the archives of Rex.

Her first Samoyed came into her life in 1986 and he embraced to the full spectrum of the breed with titles “on both ends” – CH, CD, WS.  Since then, dogs she has bred, co-bred, or who have descended from her stock have included many Champions, both USA and Canada , BISS winners, Group placers, WSXM title holders, and all around great family members.

Connie has contributed several articles over the years to a number of publications, including the Samoyed Quarterly, the Bulletin, and the AKC Gazette. She embraces a well balanced dog who meets the standard, both in conformation, structure, movement and temperament. Connie has judged Sweepstakes in a number of regional specialties in the past.

The futurity Class for the 2018 National Specialty will be exciting, as we all get a peak into the future of the breed through the pups in the ring.  Connie is forgiving of “puppy antics” and will be judging the pups “as is” that day.  Her advice to exhibitors is to work with their pups as much as possible ahead of time so they can show their best that day.

Karen McFarlane Judging 4-6 Months

I’ve been involved with the Samoyed since 1973. I have had myriad experiences breeding and showing Samoyeds including owning and handling my own Samoyed, Ch. Frostyacres Golly Ms Molly, for her two Best in Shows, and breeding many other champions, Top Stud Dogs and
Specialty winners.

I am an AKC approved judge for the Working Group, the Non-Sporting Group, the Toy Group. And 24 Terriers! I started judging 30 years ago when I first applied for Samoyeds. We still have our donkey, three goats, pond full of fish and three beautiful Samoyeds. My daily agenda is: Let dogs in, let dogs out, feed and provide treats and give many hugs.

Education is what I have given back to the breed. I served as Futurity Chairman for ten years. Then I spent several years being the Chair of Judges Education. I was Chairman for the AKC Breed Video Committee and worked closely with Faye Strauss on the Samoyed CD Rom. I served as the SCA Director of Education, heading up both the Judges Education and the Breeders Education Committees.

It is always exciting for me when I judge Sammies – the breed that is and always has been the
love of my life.