The 2018 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty
Art Show Guidelines

The competition/exhibition is open to anyone, even non-members of the SCA, or non-Samoyed owners, although the depictions entered must feature Samoyeds, or Samoyed hair.

The artist or artist’s representative does not need to be present at the National Specialty, to have the artwork displayed.

It is the artist’s responsibility to have their artwork available for presentation, during the Art Show times, as well as for delivery before judging, and pick up, after judging. Any shipping arrangements and costs must be covered by the artist.
The artist must specify if any unique care is to be taken with their art piece.

All entries must be pre-registered by September 1, 2018 and delivered to the Art Show venue (At the show site) for display, starting Monday, September 24th, for the setup.

The registration fee will be $5 per artist up to 5 items, due and payable to the Samoyed Club of America by Sept 1st, 2018, with the registration of any pieces. Please see the registration form at the end of this announcement.

The Art Show will be for viewing on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 and Wednesday, will be judging. There will be a “Best in Show” as well as a “People’s Choice” Awards. Pick-up will be on Thursday the 27th.

There are six categories of the exhibition/contest.
1: Two dimensional
2: Three Dimensional
4: Photography
5: fabric art
6: other
Artwork must be approved by the committee prior to exhibition, (Please, no “x-rated” entries!)

There will be two levels of competition: Professional and Amateur.

Professional is involving an artist who sells their art/goods for profit, and/or has a business in doing so

Amateur is for those who have not sold their artwork for profit on a regular basis.

The art pieces should be marked as such (Professional or Amateur), and identified with the artists name,  and if it’s for donation to the SCA National Auction.

The categories are described as follows:

Two Dimensional: Any piece executed on a flat surface, any medium.
Three Dimensional: Sculpture, beading, pottery, or anything that is not created on a completely flat surface.
Phtotgraphy: Color and/or Black and white, (Digitally enhanced is acceptable)
Fabric art: Anything having to do with fabric, yarn, cloth, or any fiberous material. The piece needs to be made out of Samoyed hair in some way, or depict a Samoyed or Samoyeds.
Other: Written word, song, or any other artwork that does not fit into the above categories.

The artists agree to not hold the SCA, the Art Show Committee or Purina Event Center liable, in the case of an accident with their artwork. The display room will be locked, when an authorized attendant is not available to monitor the artwork.

I hope we can make this the best Art Show to date, and am looking forward to many particpants, as i know how much talent we have in the Club!

Art Show Chairperson,
Barb Cole

Art Show Entry Form [PDF]